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  • Development of custom designed optical systems

    Objektiv für flächig messendes Fizeau Interferometer
    Ghost analysis on transmission-sphere for full field Fizeau-type interferometer.

    We are specialized in the design and development of custom optics for metrology, sensor technology and other applications. The service includes the support during the entire development phase: Starting with the determination and definition of the system parameters via the calculation of geometries and materials of optical elements, tolerancing and optimization on stray light and reflexes, right up to the optimization of the system on the manufacturing processes and costs of the optical manufacturer as well as the mechanical integration of the optical components in the construction. In addition to classical optical systems with spherical lenses, we offer the calculation of aspherical and Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE). By using such components you can often save space and weight while achieving better optical properties.

    Entwicklungsphase Design und Entwicklung von Optiken

    • Development of custom optical systems according to your requirements.

    • Optimization of optical systems in regard to the fabrication and further requirements like costs, system size and weight.

    • Tolerancing of the optical systems in close cooperation with your optics manufacturer.

    • Optimization of the optical system under the consideration of fabrication tolerances.

    • ptimization of the optical system in regard to parasitic ghost reflexes and stray light.

    • Design of aspheres and diffractive optical elements (DOE).

    • Preparation of datasheets and documentation.

    Optisch-mechanische Konstruktion
    Optical mechanical assembly for scanning of a pulsed laser source.
    Off-Axis Teleskop mit drei Spigelen und Freiformfläche
    Compact off-axis telescope design with free-form mirror.