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  • Consulting

    • Consulting for the development, simulation and design of optical systems and components.

    • Estimation of the measurement uncertainty of sensors and measuring systems.

    • Documentation and studies for the support with accreditations and certifications.

    • Advice on the selection of measuring systems and other optical components.

    • Calibration of optical measuring instruments and sensors.

    • And much more.

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    Optical design

    • Development of custom optical systems according to your requirements.

    • Optimization of optical systems in regard to the fabrication and further requirements like costs, system size and weight.

    • Tolerancing of the optical systems in close cooperation with your optics manufacturer.

    • Optimization of the optical system under the consideration of fabrication tolerances.

    • ptimization of the optical system in regard to parasitic ghost reflexes and stray light.

    • Design of aspheres and diffractive optical elements (DOE).

    • Preparation of datasheets and documentation.

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    Optical simulation

    • Simulation of the optical performance of a system.

    • Analysis of stray light and ghost reflexes.

    • Analysis of the influences of adjustment errors and stresses in the optical elements.

    • Sequential and non sequential ray tracing.

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    Algorithm development

    • Implementation of algorithms for the evaluation, filtering, processing and interpretation of measurement data.

    • Interferometric and other phase-based evaluation methods for use in deflectometry or fringe projection.

    • Classical image processing and machine vision, e.g. detection of defects or object position.

    • Algorithms for the solution of optimization problems.

    • Programming in C / C ++, Python, Matlab and other languages.

    • Programming for Linux / Windows as well as embedded systems (ARM / AVR).

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    Electronics circuit development

    • Development of custom electronic circuits.

    • Digital circuits including microcontrollers (embedded systems) for sensor systems, process control, cybernetics and digital signal processing (DSP).

    • Analog circuits for the evaluation of sensor signals.

    • Hybrid analog-digital circuits for the conversion and the processing of analog signals.

    • SPICE simulation of analog electronic circuits.

    • Design of circuit boards.

    • Optimization of the PCB layout for the low-interference transmission of sensitive signals.

    • Optimization of the PCB with regard to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

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